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Angie Wahinekapu


Anjeannette Wahinekapu grew up in Kailua Kona Hawaii; she spent part of her life in Tampa Florida before returning to the islands as the eldest sibling to help take care of her grandmother and her mother. She started her insurance career in 2017 as a broker and has been a Public Benefits Coordinator with Financial Benefits Insurance since December 2018. She’s been very successful in helping hundreds of her Medicare clients find better healthcare and retirement solutions and prides herself in being able to successfully help her Kupuna to navigate through the Medicare system and take the confusion out of their Medicare options. If you were to ask her “Why Medicare Insurance” she would say because she understands how important it is to have proper coverage and access to healthcare when you need it! It makes all the difference in the quality of your life when you know that you’re protected financially and have access to excellent care. That’s what mattered to her as a caregiver for two of the most amazing and important women in her life, they meant the world to her. The best insurance available is the insurance you have in place that fits YOUR needs when an emergency happens. You… are your family’s most valuable asset, peace of mind for yourself and your family, that’s important.

Anjeannette’s most common compliment has been her Aloha Spirit, how welcoming and approachable she is and how comfortable her members feel working together with her. She will take whatever time is necessary to make sure she explains how Medicare works and solutions to help solve any issues her members may have. She will take that time to listen to what her clients say, what they want, and what they need. She will make sure everyone’s happy working together so that her clients and members are able to make well informed decisions about their healthcare choices; making sure she can help find the best fit for her clients and maximize benefits available to them.

Anjeannette loves art; she spends a lot of her spare time painting with her children and grandchildren. When she isn’t working you can find her time spent with her family. Anjeannette is married to George Leslie and they have a blended family of five children and seven grandchildren. As a family they love the ocean and spend a lot of their time outdoors in the yard, at the beach or in our island forests. She loves road trips, camping, painting, gardening and just enjoying life with her hubby and her family.

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