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What Separates Us From the Field

What Separates Us From the Field

1. Care
2. Service
3. Training

We genuinely care for Seniors well being and quality of life. We help educate Seniors on their Medicare options. No one plan is good for everyone. Everyone has different wants and needs. Everyone has different medical conditions. Everyone has different financial situations. We help them find the plan that best fits their needs.

Advancements in medical technology and medication help Seniors live longer. But what good is living longer if you are bed ridden. Quality of life becomes more important as we get older. Seniors need to know and use all the benefits in their plan. Thru client appreciation meetings (Member Orientation in January and Annual Notification of Change in October), we review and remind members how to use their plan which include annual wellness visit, preventive screenings, and prescription mail orders. We also send members e-mails, Thank You cards, and birthday cards. We want our members connected and engaged.

Our agents are the most knowledgeable agents in the Medicare marketplace. Thru our Monday Team meetings, Friday Medicare trainings, and Q&A virtual meetings, our agents have set training meetings which are all recorded and archived.  We have an extensive agent training library.