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Our Story

Planning for the future:

“12 years of growth, expansion, and innovation”
Travis Motosue and Ed Motosue started Financial Benefits Insurance in August 2010 with two Medicare carriers (United Healthcare and Humana). In 2018 their agency contracted with WellCare (Ohana Health) and AlohaCare in 2019. Currently Financial Benefits Insurance has United Healthcare, Humana, Centene (WellCare, Ohana Health), AlohaCare, Aetna (SilverScripts), CIGNA, United American, and Mutual of Omaha as part of their Medicare carrier family.

In 2016 Financial Benefits Insurance changed their marketing strategy to expand to the Neighbor Islands and expand into the ethnic speaking markets (Chinese, Korean, Filipino) on Oahu. They also entered the DSNP (Dual Special Needs Plan) marketplace and set up retail kiosks in Walmart stores for Annual Election Period and Open Enrollment Period. In 2017 Financial Benefits Insurance tripled their 2016 sales revenue and have been on the upclimb every year. 2018 was a good year. 2019 was a banner year as Financial Benefits Insurance ran on all 4 cylinders. Training, training, training. Their agents are among the most knowledgeable in the Medicare marketplace.

From 3 agents in August 2010, Financial Benefits Insurance currently has over 90 agents servicing Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Big Island, Nevada, Texas, Utah and Colorado. In February 2011, they moved into their first office at 1311 Kapiolani Blvd., suite 504. The office consisted of a Conference Room, reception area and two rooms. In 2016 Financial Benefits Insurance nearly doubled the size of their Honolulu office from 823 sq ft to 1,353 sq ft and built a Training Room and agent workstations. In July 2019 Travis and Ed opened a 680 sq ft office in Hilo at 1289 Kilauea Ave, suite G to support their Hilo agents. In March 2020 they renovated their Honolulu office by installing vinyl wood flooring, glass interior doors, and building another Appointment Room. In June 2020 Travis and Ed leased 369 sq ft in Seafood City Waipahu for a Waipahu Community Office. Financial Benefits Insurance agents are among the most dedicated and engaged in serving our community.

Travis and Ed recently updated their web page for the third time to keep up with the new changes and making it more client friendly. In April 2020 they introduced a CRM system to their office staff and agents. CRM is a client relationship management system. Agents not only record the communications with their clients but have a timeline for every relationship building contact. Financial Benefits Insurance is the fist Medicare agency in Hawaii to utilize a CRM system.

In these challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic, the office is a safe office. The Financial Benefits Insurance office has 3 large plexi-glass cough shields; one at the reception desk and the other two in the Appointment Rooms. Hand sanitizers are readily available in all rooms. Desks, tables, chairs and door knobs are disinfected regularly. Face shields and face masks are available and offered to clients upon entry and temperature checks are done.


Time surely flies when you are helping Seniors and having fun. Financial Benefits Insurance is blessed with compassionate agents who are committed and dedicated to help Seniors.