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Art Eugenio


My name is Pastor Art Eugene Eugenio. I was born in the Philippines and finished Bachelor of Science in Theology and Bachelor of Science in Commerce. And also, received an Accelerated Christian Education. While teaching Christian Education, I worked also as a Sales Associate for Insurance and different products. And in 1990, I moved to Hawaii and established the Fountain of Living Water Christian Mission, Inc. church. The passion of helping people most especially my fellow Filipinos leads me to self study and passed my Health Insurance License in 1997. Being fluent with Tagalog, Ilocano and English makes me easier to communicate and share the importance of having an Insurance. I love and enjoyed this job because I can meet new people and shares my passion in cooking too. Being an Insurance Agent, for 23 wonderful years, helps me a lot to extend my compassion of helping people regardless of any race and nationality.

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