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Binita Tandukar

Aloha!! My name is Binita. I am an Army wife and proud boy mom of wonderful boy. My journey into the insurance industry began after experiencing a significant health setback following my son’s birth. This challenging period ignited a passion within me to help others navigate the complexities of healthcare and ensure they receive the best possible service.

I have over six years of experience working in corporate America, which has equipped me with valuable skills and insights. I chose to join the Medicare insurance sector with a mission to educate Medicare beneficiaries about the importance of having the right health insurance and providing exceptional service.My goal is to prevent others from facing difficulties in healthcare. Currently, I am a part of Financial Benefit Insurance (FBI) in Hawaii, drawn by our shared vision of serving the community.

I believe deeply in the value of service and hold that it is the righteous path. I strive to work with the highest integrity and serve our community wholeheartedly, providing support and guidance to those in need.

In my free time, I love to be in nature, hiking and exploring the beauty of the outdoors. I also enjoy discovering and savoring local foods, enriching my connection to the community and its culture

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