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Brad Freitas

I grew up in Hilo, Hawaii; After graduating from high school, I enlisted in the United States Air Force and served honorably. Upon my return home to the islands, I joined the Hawaii Police Department as a Police Officer and served my community for 30 years. I am also married to beautiful local girl and am a father/granddad to four children and nine grandchildren. I truly enjoy anything outdoors and hunting, hiking, and road trips are high on the list.

During my law enforcement career, I not only upheld the law, but I was able to help hundreds of people to navigate the complexities of the criminal justice system. Following my retirement, I continued to have an enate desire to serve others, so I started a career in the insurance industry. As a life insurance agent, I have specialized in designing Cash Value and retirement savings Life Insurance. Also having my agent license in accident and health I have partnered with Financial Benefits Insurance to help people navigate the complexities of Medicare Benefits insurance.

Now acommon question I get is “Why do you care so much about helping people with Medicare? Like many people, I have seen parents, family, and friends deal with health issues, which gave me a good look at how confusing healthinsurance could be. That first-hand experience helped me to really appreciate the people who help to educate others on the importance of health insurance and the choices we all make. I firmly believe that this is where my passion to help others comes from.

I am a local, licensed independent insurance broker agent, licensed and certified in Hawaii, Nevada, and Arizona with many of the top Medicare Supplement, PrescriptionDrug, Medicare Advantage insurance plan carriers, and I am qualified to answer any questionsyou may have. At no cost, I will help you find a health plan that best suits your personal healthcare needs and your budget. I will do this by educating you on all your available options which will give you the power to compare and the freedom to choose. Give me a call today I look forward tohelping you.

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