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Eddie Ramos


Aloha, my name is Eddie Ramos. I’m a recent retiree of Delta Air Lines. I have always enjoyed traveling and seeing all aspects of the world. I understood that working all these years of how unique my position was touching every part of the world, meeting people and their different cultures, nationalities and lifestyle.

Another part of the world I had an opportunity to be a part of and start my career is the business world. I attained my Business Degree at the University of Hawaii system. I was employed by Sears Roebuck and Co. as a Christmas help and later became a Division Manager. I was employed by American Airlines, Air New Zealand, Air Canada, and Delta Air Lines as a supervisor.

I was also touched be another world and blessed to have, my wife Janice and 2 children Trina and Cherie. I am proud of my 3 grandchildren Carly, Remy, and Hudson. We as a family supported each other through each and every milestone and through my career.

There is another world I am passionate about, helping people with their medical coverage needs. As a licensed insurance broker with Financial Benefits Insurance, I am here to help and assist you.

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