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Edward Motosue, MBA


I am one of you, a Medicare Beneficiary. At age 73 years old I walk in your shoes. I can relate to you. My father is 96 years old and my mother died three years ago at the age of 93. She was getting forgetful in her 70’s and had signs of dementia in her 80’s. She fell broke her hip and spent 3 weeks in a skilled nursing facility. Two years later she was gone. One of my regrets is taking away my father’s drivers license when he was 86 years old. He was still working as taxi driver and worked the Airport-Waikiki route. In hindsight we took away his independence. At age 86 he was still golfing twice a week with his fellow taxi drivers. He was the old man on his golf club teams. Now at age 96 he has outlived all his childhood and close friends. Last year after years of denial I finally got hearing aids. My wife is so happy. As we get older we know the importance of good health and spending time with family.

After working 35 years at Sears in retail management, I retired in 2006. I passed the Hawaii State Licensing Exam and worked with my son, Travis, learning Medicare health insurance. Travis and I started Financial Benefits Insurance in 2010 with 3 agents. This year Financial Benefits Insurance is celebrating 11 years of growth, expansion, and innovation. We currently have 74 agents and 3 offices (Honolulu, Hilo, and Waipahu). Most of my time is spent training our agents on Medicare health plans and options. Travis and I do over 140 Medicare formal presentations very year. Yes, we know Medicare and love educating our Kupuna.

I am very active in my church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I was a High Councilor, Bishop, and currently the Kaneohe Stake Clerk. I believe that families are eternal, Gods plan of happiness, and that God answers prayers.

After 50 years of marriage I finally run the house. I run the dishwasher, run the vacuum cleaner, and run the washer & dryer. We have 3 children, 10 grandkids, and 14 great grandkids. We spend more time with our grandkids than with our own children. Being empty nesters, Darlee and I love to travel and go on cruises. So far we went on 5 cruises and numerous vacation trips to the mainland. We not only enjoy visiting Europe, Scandinavia, Baltic countries, China and Japan but also learning different cultures and eating their food. We enjoy growing old with each other.


Ed Motosue has given me and my late husband superior service – very informative and patient. My late husband was an insurance agent and when Mr. Motosue approached us, my husband was very skeptical regarding Medicare Advantage plans, but after Mr. Motosue spent time with us he became a believer and thought that Mr. Motosue’s service was excellent! After that we have been with Mr. Motosue over eight years and I will never change agents

– Audrey M. Honolulu, HI

Ed…has been our advisor on health care insurance for the last 9 years. He has been invaluable in keeping the wife and I completely informed on change in Medicare health plans. I highly recommend Ed as a knowledgeable, informed, and completely trustworthy representative.

– Robert L, Honolulu, HI

Ed has been my insurance agent for approximately 10 years. He has always been an excellent representative. He is honest and forthcoming and very helpful.

– Yvonne S, Honolulu, HI

Ed…has been our health care provider each year for the past 8 years and has been very kind and has given very kind and given me all the information I need to make an excellent decision on what health care would be the very best for me. He has thoroughly given me all the information needed, even answering many questions I have asked him. I would recommend him happily to help others in the same field. I so appreciate all his great help.

– Octavia Y, Honolulu, HI

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