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Henrik Rasi-Koskinen

Hey there! I have a crazy last name, but just call me Rasi!!! Much easier. I’ve been doing insurance now for close to a decade. I started in Property and Casualty with Liberty Mutual and really came to love helping people find the right options for their particular needs. Some people need this, some people need that! I moved into health insurance naturally because it paid more, but really fell in love with the idea that the health marketplace is so diverse and the people within that market are EVEN more diverse and truly need an expert to help them know what the right choice is for them – We all need an advocate who knows what they are talking about and can really help us find the right option for our specific situation. Helping people feel safe with their choice is one of my favorite things I do. For me, there is nothing like that feeling when I can talk to a person and they know they made a great decision based on information I provided. Aside from work, I have an amazing wife and two beautiful daughters. I’ve lived in Utah for most of my life, and also lived in Sweden for a good while. I play competitive volleyball and love to participate in UOVA’s outdoor tournaments in the summer. I also host a pickup volleyball league where I play for fun, but also help train new players who have a passion for the game. I live to serve the community in the ways I can!

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