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Jihey Roach


My name is Jihey, born in South Korea and raised in California. My husband, Jonathan and my lovely daughter were vacationing in the Big Island on the early part of 2019. We fell in love with the island, so we had to make every excuse to move out here by summer of 2019. I have extensive history of working with older adults in hospitals and hospice settings as a grief counselor. It was common for me to encounter numerous incidents where one could not get enough help to enroll in the confusing Medicare. I also saw many who were suffering because they were unable to protect themselves with the necessary insurance plan(s) in place. Be the time people think about protecting themselves and their families often times it is too late. Throughout the years I have developed a deep passion for Kupuna. I love helping people and protecting individuals. My desire to help our kupuna in a more practical way has led me to become a health and life agent.

I can listen actively to understand one’s unique needs. I’d like to talk story with you to search together what best fit for you as a unique individual.

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