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Oscar Molina

Oscar was born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, California in the northwest part (El Sereno). Near Alhambra and the Pasadena area. In 1993 he moved to Salt Lake City, Utah after marrying his wife Letty and they have lived there for the last 31 years. They have two daughters who they are extremely proud of and are “hijasmaravillosas.”

Oscar knows first hand the heartbreak of losing ailing parents who suffered through cancer and copd. Both his parents have passed on now, but he was there when they needed him and knows what medicare will and will not pay. This is especially true when the doctor at the hospital said, “your mother can no longer stay here, she has to go to a nursing facility or go home. He was forced to make a critical decision and decided to take his mother home and had hospice get involved. Hospice was a service of heavenly angels.

This is the reason why he decided to become licensed as a healthcare agent and help seniors with their medical needs. He believes in helping his elders before, during and after the enrollment process. There are a myriad of services that medicare provides and he explains services in a simple and logical manner. His mantra is being Oscar the Overseer, which means he truly cares for his clients and does his best for them. He gives protection and peace of mind.

Oscar enjoys watching his UCLA Bruins play football and any other sport that his alma mater participates in. He is a patron of the arts and attends the symphony, going to plays and enjoys delicious food. His favorite meal is chicken mole with rice, beans and a whole lot of TORTILLAS. He and his wife do their best to spend time together and they enjoy time with their daughters.

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