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Robin Cohen-Cooperman


As a 25 year resident of Las Vegas, I love the mountains and for the most part 3 seasons in Las Vegas. Living on the NW side of town, I find it very easy to travel to all areas and easy drive to the Airport, Henderson, Boulder City, Pahrump, Mesquite and Laughlin since I grew up in much larger cities; such as Los Angeles and New York.

I love dogs, cats, entertainment, dancing and people.

I worked for Specialists handling the Insurance Billing claims that were denied by the insurance companies, prior to my career as a Licensed Healthcare Representative.

I enjoy educating my clients of Medicare assisting them to know the differences between Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Gap/Supplement Plans, Part D = Drugs, etc.

While speaking with you, my goal is to clearly understand what is important to you personally. I will ask you a series of questions such as; what you like about your current plan, what do you feel is perhaps lacking, which providers you utilize, are you happy with all of your providers and specialists, are you currently on prescriptions, do you need dental, vision and other benefits?

By the end of our conversation, we will know if your current healthcare coverage is where you need to be or we just may find other option/s that surprisingly will offer more or different healthcare benefits ,that you were not aware of.

Together, we will establish what is the best route for ‘You’ to receive the best healthcare benefits, that fits ‘Your’ needs.

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