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Sun Duke


In today’s society, it is a refreshing peace of mind to have an insurance agent who can be a mentor and friend for any season of life. Service with a genuine concern for an individual and family’s needs, the understanding to inspire change and stand by decisions to bring oneself to the level of comfort and convenience in dealing with the challenges of daily life. This is the kind of service one can expect from an independent insurance agent in the person of Sun Duke. (From South Korea, Korean father and Chinese mother.) Prior to Financial Benefits Insurance, Inc. (FBI), she has 35 years of experience, having worked with New York Life back in 1987 -2001, and Pacific Guardian from 2001 to present. Each of these milestones have contributed to her wide range of understanding and versatility in dealing with client concerns, their growing families, answering questions to help set priorities for inevitable change of circumstances.

A woman of faith and determination, her background gaining six years of experience working with children ranging in age eighteen months to pre- kindergarten, had earned her two years of credit in Early Childhood Education. She met her husband when she was a drummer, traveling world-wide, She was living in Canada for a while- long enough for him (Duke) to woo her there in weekly visits from America (Erie Pa,) and finally to marry her, in the performing girls group known as the Orientalettes from South Korea. Her many travels to certain parts of globe sharing musical talent of playing drums. Perhaps you heard about Mokuaikaua Church the Oldest and First Founded Christian Church in the State of Hawaii, 1998-2001 she was a church member and first person to play the drums for the Praise Team. She was also a member of Kona Festival Chorales Christian Concert Ministries.

Let her to find the modest contentment of fulfilling her dreams while continuing to grow her knowledge, circle of acquaintances, the eventually venturing the word of financial security. Her ability to view the constantly moving and changing world with discipline to focus and narrow down to the needs of clients, backed by a supportive team of experts at Financial Benefits Insurance (FBI) makes her a reliable and responsible agent to have. Her conscious awareness of her client’s needs gives her the flexibility in helping them make the decisions that can affect the rest of their lives and beyond in the ways that suit their goals and plans.

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