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Tamlyn Laurence


Tamlyn Laurence has been helping folks on the Big Island with Medicare, Final Expense, and Dental/Vision Coverage since 2015, when she joined forces with Financial Benefits Insurance. She has expertly guided people through the very confusing landscape of going from retirement or disability to confidently understanding and obtaining Medicare.

Tamlyn learned to work hard while growing up on a hog farm. In college, she married a fellow geologist and scientific illustrator/photographer. They raised their five children on an 1800-acre family cattle ranch high up in the Rocky Mountains where it snowed 9 months out of the year. Tamlyn does not like snow, so near retirement, she dreamt of living in Hawaii with the rest of the family. 15 years ago, they moved to the Big Island and started to learn the beautiful art of living island style.

One day, while canning guava juice, her good friend Jessica Arruda told her about Medicare and how she was enjoying helping people. She asked Tamlyn if she wanted to try it out. “At first I just laughed, but Jesse is pretty convincing, so I took on the enormous tasks of becoming licensed, appointed, contracted, and certified.” After five years working in the field, visiting countless homes, foodbanks, community events, and greeting thousands of people in Safeway and Walmart, Tamlyn can say that helping people with Medicare has truly become one of the most rewarding careers she has ever experienced.

When Tamlyn is not presenting Medicare products, she is busy programming computers, helping people with Genealogy, volunteering, pursuing education, or teaching Sunday School.

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